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Name Tamara Rosic
Email contact@tamararosic.com
Phone +4746186258
Address Oslo, Norway

Transforming marketing operations for fast-growing companies!

I’m a true revenue engineer who takes pride in learning new ways to deliver remarkable results! Creative, ambitious, digital-minded, and results-driven. A marketing and communications specialist with a passion for Marketing Strategy, Marketing Data, Digital Marketing and Automation.

I have more than 7 years of experience in B2B, Tech-Companies and niche fields & innovative companies, with a proven track-record of successfully delivering strategic and tactical marketing initiatives in startup environments. I strive to transform marketing leads into happy customers and love sharing the knowledge through workshops and training events.

Afraid of change? Then look somewhere else. I have the ability to look at the bigger picture and love to immerse myself in research and optimization. My organizational skills ("organizational OCD" ツ) help me find the best ways to improve company processes where needed, so be ready to embrace change every step of the way!

In addition to my marketing expertise, I am a tech-savvy individual who enjoys spending time learning about new technologies and ways to implement them both personally and professionally. My interest in photography gives me a keen eye for the details and aesthetics which I've groomed into brand and content design management techniques. My passion for traveling is not only for stress relief but also to aspire creativity, inspiration, and outside-the-box-thinking. Furthermore, outdoor sports activities feed me with plenty of energy to successfully tackle any challenges or changes that come my way. But my love for animals and creatures of all kind is what gives me empathy and devotion needed for my craft, so rest assured your project will always be in caring hands!

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Adobe Creative Suite & Designer Tools
Social Media
CRM, CMS and Database Administration


Outside-The-Box Thinker
Self-Starter with Growth Mindset
Energetic and Persistent





reTyre (Oslo, NO)

Chief Marketing Officer
(Sept 2018 - current)


Niagara Networks (CA, USA)

Marketing Manager Global
(Feb 2016 - Sept 2017)


Interface Masters Technologies (CA, USA)

Channel Marketing Manager EMEAI
(Sept 2015 - Sept 2017)


Network Performance Channel GmbH (Austria)

Marketing and Sales Assistant
(Sept 2013 - May 2015)


TrashPop (Norway)

Head of Promo
(Jan 2013 - Jun 2013 )


Alpha Bank Serbia

Team Leader - Collection Department
(Nov 2010 - Aug 2012)


Cycle Credit (Serbia)

Collection Manager (Operations Man.)
(Apr 2008 - Apr 2010)


Marketing Strategy, B2B

Analyzing current processes and defining best B2B marketing strategy for your business. Aligning sales and marketing efforts, defining activities and creating long and short-term plans, training in-house teams to perform daily tasks.

Digital Marketing

Setting up, developing and managing digital channels (website, e-mail marketing, social media & social engine marketing, re-targeting, influencer marketing, growth-hacking, display marketing), choosing the right tool for your needs.

Inbound Marketing

Have potential customers come to you instead of desperately vying for their attention. Attract qualified leads via appropriate inbound strategy, by defining business-specific buyers' personas, buyers' journey and by creating the appropriate content.

Content Management

Helping you define content library and best content strategy. Collaborating with internal or external content creators, overseeing content production, defining placement strategy. Using internal resources and/or providing external ones.

Technical Content Portfolio

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation platform can halve the efforts needed for successful in-house marketing. Have help with choosing the right platform, tool setup, SalesForce and marketing platform integration, landing pages, blog and newsletter design, and, most importantly, in correctly creating work-flows and nurture campaigns.

Photography, Design & CI

Providing photography and editing services, defining best visual identity and campaigns, managing & overseeing design work, providing guidance to internal teams or using my extensive external network of designers.



Bill Kish

CTO/VP of Engineering at Interface Masters
Tamara Gets Marketing.

I had the great pleasure of working with Tamara as we worked to get Niagara Networks ramped up to begin selling our Network Visibility products. I was on the technical side and Tamara's job was to take my gobbledygook and turn it into messaging customers could understand. She did an outstanding job at that. Then, when she was assigned the job of re-designing Niagara's website from scratch, she pulled it off flawlessly. I always found Tamara a pleasure to work with, a real professional, and a really nice person. I couldn't have wished for more.
Igor Golubovic

Igor Golubovic

I have had the privilege of working with Tamara for almost 3 years. Tamara and I were commissioned to work on building new company, and gained experience together. Through the several years that we spent together in a professional environment, I have seen Tamara grow – both as a manager professional and a human being.Tamara is a successful risk-taker. She uses unique ways to determine what the target needs are, and has the capability of tweaking her targets and managing employee accordingly. As a pragmatic leader and a realist, she can grasp ideas in a holistic manner and still pay attention to minor details. Tamara is known as diligent and personable – two qualities that define her completely. As a creative thinker who possesses a can-do attitude, Tamara is a pleasure to work with. I recommend her at any organization that chooses to take benefit from her diverse skills. One of the honest collegues that i work with.
Natasa Papovic

Natasa Papovic

Collection Officer at Alpha Bank
Tamara was my direct supervisor, from the interviewing process and training to the daily business routines, she was always there. Always supporting, always in the mood to explain, show and teach, always going an extra mile to transfer her knowledge to the employees and get the best out of you. She was somehow strict (or/and brutally honest) but always fair and willing not just to pinpoint your mistakes but demonstrate and teach you how to overcome them. She was opened to suggestions and agreements, always supporting her team – supporting us in our business but also private problems, having an understanding for all the issues we might have had (with the team of 15 I believe this was not so easy), fighting for our rights further with the management. It was really a pleasure to work with someone like that. With someone who keeps the team spirit up, motivates you and keeps a great and positive working environment.

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